PAINTINGS ON PAPER | 2021 - 2022

SURFACE WORK Ratios series is a continuation of SURFACE WORK, with which I push my investigation into variations of the surfaces’ tone, dependant on the specific ratios of medium to binder.


It began as a series of ten paintings on paper dividing the quantities from one part graphite to ten parts oil; less concentration of graphite creating a light surface, with a darker surface resulting from higher quantities of medium to binder. Each peice is made, as close as is possible with similar pressure, weight, movement patterns, rhythm, tempo and process but, in accordance with the concept; with limitless characteristics.


As the process developed, I played with the quantity of turpentine and humidity in the atmosphere, creating soft, fluid marks or dry, scraping marks. The series, therefore has increased to include SURFACE WORK Ratio 1:10 Wet on Wet and SURFACE WORK Ratio 3:10 Dry.