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Prestigious Online Art Gallery, SINGULART Has Been Way Ahead of the Virus Outbreak. Following?

Galleries and art institutions are moving fast and following the lead of established online exhibition and artists' representation galleries like SINGULART, who show my work.

Online virtual galleries have been becoming more and more popular. Now...those, which were only thinking about it, have just had a rocket go off under their bum.

This is an interesting article by Robin Pogrebin in the The New York Times, March 16th 2020: who writes, "After canceling its fair, Art Basel Hong Kong will present more than 2,000 works online with an estimated value of $270 million. That’s just the beginning as the art world goes virtual."

Despite the web being a vital window for artists to show their work (I first published my own website twenty years ago) many galleries are really only now beginning to value it as critical to their profile. They reach an international audience. There are are few boundaries. The web is a great way to get exposure for your art and I have had several invitations to show in galleries in Italy and Portugal, which discovered my work online. Artists have to work hard at it, but it's part of professional art practice, and can be the key to building a following and gaining representation in an international area.


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