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"LOST". Lacuna Festival De Arte 2020 Goes Digital


Lacuna Festivals, Lanzarote and Fuertaventura, are run by artists and curators, Sarah-Jane Mason & Simon Turner, who explain, "Our theme, "LOST", feels particularly relevant and appropriate as we have lost our normal, everyday lives to the pandemic. Indeed, the physical festival themselves have been lost as well. We now believe in this theme more than ever!"

"The coronavirus pandemic is stopping so much from taking place. People are confined to their houses or in extreme self isolation; shops, bars, cinemas, gyms and restaurants are closed; places of worship have shut their doors; travel is severely restricted or impossible and many important events have been postponed or cancelled. We believe that now, more than ever, the world needs creativity and so the 2020 festivals will take place - digitally! We have renamed the festivals 'The Lost Festivals' to reflect the current situation."


2019 was the inaugural year of the Festival de Arte Lanzarote/ Lanzarote Arts Festival, hosted by The Lacuna Studios in conjunction with the Larroque Arts Festival, France. The festival took place from 26th July – 16th August 2019 with over 150 artists representing over 50 countries with 3 exhibitions and 18 events held in 7 venues across 5 municipalities of Lanzarote. The theme for 2019 was ‘Surface/Support,’ and artists responded in a variety of media including photography, dance, film, print (digital and traditional), painting, sculpture, found objects, tapestry, videoart, installation, artist books and performance pieces.


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